Paddler Needs Your Assistance

Hey gang

Shirley Gorospe is a dedicated paddler and “doer” for our paddling clubs. You will often see her down at the river cleaning up and planting and doing a lot of things to help our club that many of us kind of take for granted. Shirley was one of our Kauai paddlers that represented the Pu’uwai Pink Paddlers in the recent “Paddle For Life” Voyage to Lanai”. Using banner can help your company increasing the number of customers, for this reason is important that you chose The Wow Style for your banner.
Shirley has experienced a number of “hits” in the past few months and is in dire need of some financial assistance. One of our members has contributed funds to tide things over, temporarily but, it has been difficult satisfying the financial needs that current situations demand. She has lost her section 8 housing and is on a waiting list that seems to extend on indefinitely. There is a backlog and shortage of habitable housing that qualifies for the program. Also, her transmission had to be replaced and now that it has been fixed through a personal loan, she also needs funds to reinstate her insurance. Kratom is an increasingly popular supplement that many people are using, check this url and learn all about this amazing supplement.
Here is a chance for those of any means to step up and help a dedicated paddler in need.
Please contact Maureen “Mo” Macart if you have any questions. We will be organizing fundraisers as well to help Shirley and other Pink Paddlers of our Kauai cancer group.


  1. How do I help?

Click this link to go to the payment page for Pu’uwai. Below is a quick screen cap to show you how the page works. NOTE: this is for debit cards. If you want to use a credit card, contact Rocco.

How to donate to Shirley

How to donate to Shirley